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Spring 2022 LEAD Marketing Conference
Was Broadcast Live on May 4, 2022
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John Karolefski, Editor-in-Chief, CPGmatters

Fulfilling the Promise of AI: Practical Value for CPG 
Robert Molnar, Director, WorldQuant Predictive

Many CPG companies are striving to develop AI-powered analytics, but most have not realized their investments and still rely on conventional analytics for important decision making.

In this presentation, Robert Molnar of WorldQuant Predictive demystifies AI by illustrating practical use cases where data powered algorithmic approaches have unlocked significant value for Fortune 500 brands and retailers. Robert showcases approaches for advertising spend optimization, price & discount optimization, demand forecasting and customer decision trees.

Digitalization and the Impact to Trade Promotion Management
Joel Cartwright, Industry Principal - Consumer Products, Vistex

Digitalization within the Consumer Products industry specifically to CP manufacturers; Joel Cartwright addresses how digitalization can/is impacting in a positive or negative way key process areas in Trade Promotion.

Specifically, Joel addresses trade promotion planning, trade promotion execution/settlement, and trade promotion analysis, digitalization for success.

How Brands Can Win Shopper Loyalty Amidst Inflation 
Bill Beyea, Sr. Advisory Services Manager, and
Jeff Foster, Sr. Manager, Advisory Services - FinTech, Inmar Intellligence

Most marketers today haven’t experienced the record inflation surge we’ve seen in the last year, with the CPI at 7.9% as of March 2022. Join Bill Beyea and Jeff Foster as they share how shoppers are adjusting to increased prices and what brands can do to maintain shopper loyalty.

Understanding Retail Media
James Tenser, President, VSN Strategies 

The Retail Media conversation has reached a fever pitch, as more retailers join the chase after a fair share of brand dollars. The revelation that Amazon.com’s ad revenue topped $31 billion last year was just one galvanizing event. 

The profit margins from “monetizing shopper data” have investors salivating, while large retailers like Kroger and aggregators like Instacart are making assertive moves to cash in. 

For brands, understanding Retail Media requires them to let go of some brick-and-mortar assumptions and re-imagine advertising economics in an era where brand messages are delivered at moments of truth and consumer responses can be accurately measured.


John Karolefski,

Robert Molnar,
WorldQuant Predictive
Joel Cartwright,
Bill Beyea,
Inmar Intelligence
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