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The LEAD Marketing Conference is produced and hosted by CPGmatters. Launched in 2009 as a 'traditional' in-person event in Chicago, it has been a virtual, on-line conference since 2014 with multiple editions per year.
CPGmatters is the only on-line publication covering the sales and marketing of consumer packaged goods (CPG) through retail. We define CPG broadly as food, beverage, general merchandise, and health and beauty care.

Now in its sixteenth year of publication, CPGmatters is international in scope with a subscriber base of over 18,000 manufacturers, retailers, and other industry professionals.  CPGmatters' reports cover in-store marketing, digital solutions, category management, loyalty marketing, trade promotion management, couponing, product trends, shopper marketing and other topics. No other trade publication in the CPG industry delivers a similar assortment of information in each issue.

Featuring original reporting that can be found nowhere else, CPGmatters is written by experienced professionals who have each worked for decades for trade publications and who have each authored several business books. No other trade publication in the CPG industry has a similar group of talent on staff.

To view the latest issue and subscribe, visit www.CPGmatters.com 

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Fall Virtual Conference
Wednesday, November 10, 2021
11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET