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Fall 2023 LEAD Marketing Conference Agenda
Event Was Broadcast Live on November 8, 2023

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John Karolefski, Editor-in-Chief, CPGmatters

How the CPG Industry Uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) 
Joel Cartwright, Industry Principal, Vistex

In this webinar we learn about A.I./Machine Learning comparative to Traditional Trade Optimization Modeling and how the CPG industry is using AI to predict the range of products on-shelf, their optimal price points, deal offerings, merchandise conditions and sales of new products entering the market. 

Finally, A.I. Demand Forecasting can drive manufacturing and shipping required to fulfill customer demand – by store, date, and SKU. 

Re-Thinking Retail Execution: 
How Top CPG Brands Are Driving On-Shelf Availability
Matt Greene, VP, Enterprise Sales - Americas, Trax Retail

Discover the strategies and unique data collection that leading CPG brands are using to ensure products are on the shelf, displayed correctly and moving those units just as fast. 

In this session you will:

1. Learn innovative solutions that leverage technology and data analytics to optimize retail execution, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences.
2. Gain insights into how you can see OOS in real time.
3. Hear from over 20k consumers on what their buying habits, preferences and needs are.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape. Learn these practices that are reshaping the way CPG brands succeed in today’s dynamic market.

Inflation and Shoppers: Some Consequences for Brands 
James Tenser, Principal, VSN Strategies

Over nearly four years of grocery product inflation, shoppers have altered many consumption behaviors in what now seem could be enduring ways.

These did not change uniformly across all demographic groups or age cohorts. Certainly, inflation hits wage earners harder than middle income earners, for example. Many more shoppers have learned to expect personalized promotions that can help the manage their household pantry budgets. 

In this presentation, Tenser takes a look at these trends from a high level and discusses some possible consequences and responses for brand marketers, citing exclusive data from a leading data insights provider and from published reports.  

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Matt Greene,
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