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How to Maximize the Report Stream 
And Overcome Optimization Roadblocks
Joel Cartwright, Industry Principal, Vistex

This presentation by Joell Cartwright of Vistex defines how a CPG manufacturer can streamline reporting and consolidate multiple data elements into dashboards which drive revenue growth management. In addition, it provides insight on how a CPG manufacturer can overcome optimization roadblocks.

Leveraging Consumer Offers to Strategically Achieve Goals
Regina Haley, Senior Director of Analytics; 
Julie Fiorini, Senior Director of Business Development, 
Avid Marketing Group

With over 35 years of experience in successfully managing and activating consumer offers and promotions, Avid Marketing Group offers deep expertise in effective coupon strategy and execution. 

This presentation takes you through how to utilize various tactics across digital and traditional offer types to achieve your goals. It covers coupon usage and trends for Gen Z, ties to the economic landscape, and includes best practices and guidelines for critical decision making. 

Retail Media Redux: It's Back to the Store 
James Tenser, Principal, VSN Strategies

Retail media remains one of the hottest topics in the industry for both CPG brands and their food-drug-mass partners. While much of the emphasis so far has been on digital on-site and off-site messaging, there is a revived interest in delivering messages and offers in the physical store, via a variety of connected devices and promotional channels. After all, 80% of shopping decisions still happen at the shelf.

Leveraging ChatGPT and AI 
For On-Demand CPG Insights & Analytics
Mike Finley, CTO & Chief Scientist;
Joey Gaspierik, Enterprise Accounts, AnswerRocket 

In this session, Joey Gaspierik and Mike Finley of AnswerRocket discuss how ChatGPT and AI can serve as an on-demand analytics assistant to drive faster, data-driven decision-making. See how these technologies can help you unlock valuable insights on your market share, competitors, and brand performance.

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