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Fall 2022 LEAD Marketing Conference

Event Was Broadcast Live on October 26, 2022

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Aspirations vs. Reality: Understanding Shopping Diversity 
To "Tilt" Innovation Toward Sustainability
Dave Lundahl, CEO, and 
Greg Stucky, Chief Research Office, InsightsNow Inc. 

Clean Label consumers have shifted behaviors influenced by the pandemic, inflationary, and environmental conditions. While still aspiring toward purchasing simple, healthy, sustainable products that support their values, actual shopper behavior reveals segments based on patterns in their “gaps.”

Dave Lundahl and Greg Stucky share recent research to characterize these groups’ specific motivations and opportunities for targeting. Learn how these consumer segments provide brands with opportunities for targeting product and brand messaging to increase trial and loyalty, and to support corporate sustainability goals.

Optimizing Marketing Spend in the Times of Data Disruption 
Laura Murphy, CEO, Amplify Analytix

Laura Murphy of Amplify Analytix explains how to navigate through rising data disruption and cope with today’s cross-silo, omni-channel reality by harnessing the power of reinforcement learning - taking advantage of new applications of data science to evaluate the online and offline drivers of sales, best allocate budgets, and gain maximum efficiency by boosting the relevance of your campaigns.

How to Drive RGM (Revenue Growth Management) 
Based on Your Organization's Maturity Level
Joel Cartwright, Industry Principal - Consumer Products, Vistex

Revenue Growth Management is top of mind for Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers.

Trade spend optimization is a key component to drive RGM as data and technology become more readily available and affordable. Understanding your organization’s maturity level is critical to utilize the capability. 

This session will outline the different maturity levels and how CPG manufacturers can drive RGM at their respective levels.

Virtual Commerce: Are Shoppers Ready to Step into the Metaverse?
Diana Sheehan, GVP Growth & Strategy, InContext Solutions

The Metaverse has captured headlines, fascinated the tech world, and even led one company to completely rebrand itself. But what does that mean to retailers and manufacturers? Virtual commerce provides new ways to connect the shopper experience between the physical and digital world.

In this presentation, we will explore:  
  • How virtual experiences serve as the foundation for a shift into fully immersive Metaverse experiences.
  • Shoppers' attitudes and behaviors about virtual commerce when given the opportunity to try it.
  • Recommendations for retailers and manufacturers to test drive virtual commerce and steps to get ahead of a future channel of retail.

​Real-Time Serialization of Paper and Mobile Coupons
Charisse Reddy, Director, Intelligent Clearing Network (ICN)

ICN shares how existing coupon formats and current technology is enabling the acceptance of single use paper and mobile coupons and what it means for the future.


Laura Murphy,
Amplify Analytix
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