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Fall 2016 LEAD Marketing Conference RECORDINGS
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John Karolefski, Editor-in-Chief, CPGmatters
Executive Director, Shopper Technology Institute

The Present and Future of Digital & Loyalty Marketing
Stephen Avola, VP Business Development, ProLogic Retail Services
Bill Lipsky, Vice President Center Store, SUPERVALU

Join ProLogic’s Steve Avola and
SUPERVALU’s Bill Lipsky as they discuss
how SUPERVALU and its independent
retailer partners drive value through loyalty
and digital marketing. 

Bill covers SUPERVALU’s history with
loyalty and digital marketing, with an
emphasis on its application in a leading
independent supermarket chain.  You’ll learn
how a retailer can identify its top shoppers which provide the majority of its sales and profits and how the retailer can grow the purchases of these shoppers through targeted and personalized offers. The session also addresses loyalty marketing’s role with new technologies, such as mobile apps and e-commerce platforms.

Five Attributes for Delivering Best-in-Class Retail Execution
Andres Jejen, Retail Execution Product Management Director,
AFS Technologies

This session covers the five common
characteristics needed to deliver best-
in-class retail execution. The attributes
reflect best practices observed working
with leading consumer goods organiza-
tions around the world.

This session also includes real life
examples and relevant supporting case
studies from the world's top CPG companies.

The Quantified Shopper View
& the Rise of Performance Driven Merchandising
James Lamberti, CMO, Quri
Lena Loo, Content Marketing Manager, Quri

We’ve read the news. We all feel the pinch.
The CPG industry faces ever increasing
macroeconomic headwinds, disruptive omni-
channel shopper behavior, and new food
trends that challenge our historical
approaches to growing sales. One un-
expected outcome of the digital era is the
rise of the Quantified Shopper View.

This evolution of “crowdsourcing” is rapidly
taking hold in the CPG world by enabling a framework called Performance Driven Merchandising. Using case studies from Walmart, Target, and Kroger, we review the three pillars of this framework including Field Labor Optimization, Trade Efficiency, and Data-Drive Selling. If return on asset (ROA), zero-based budgeting, and trade efficiency are buzzwords are flying around the halls of your company – this webinar is not to be missed!    

Building Your eCommerce Measurement Playbook: Tips For Effectively Measuring How Your Brand Is Performing Online
Keith Anderson, SVP Strategy & Insights, Profitero
Justin Belgiano, VP Digital Measurement, Nielsen

Keith and Justin discuss the importance of
establishing key metrics that gauge
e-commerce success, and share practical
advice on how to effectively measure your
brand's performance at the digital shelf.

Restoring Trust in Online Reviews
Danny Silverman, Head of Product Strategy, Clavis Insight

Product reviews empower shoppers, and over
time have grown to the most trusted source
influencing purchase decisions. However, the
authenticity of product reviews has come
under fire recently, leading to a crisis of
confidence among consumers.

What reviews are real and to be trusted? Which ones are fake? In this presentation, Danny shares the implications of this crisis,what major retailers like Amazon are doing to take on the war against fake reviews, and how Clavis helps manufacturers in protecting their brands’ reputations.

Sales and Revenue Transformation
Utilizing Historical Customer Order Data & Predictive Analytics
Vik Mehta, Founder/Managing Principal, eMoksha Consulting

In this session, we discuss how B2B/
B2C businesses can apply predictive
analytics strategies to historical
customer orders to create tremendous
value. We also demonstrate how
“actionable data” is more meaningful
than “big data” in this context.

The presentation covers:
  • How retailers and e-commerce businesses can achieve revenue growth from historical sales orders
  • Identification of unique customer signals and behaviors hidden in sales orders.
  • Discussion of growth strategies such as customer retention, predicting/preventing customer churn, gaining lost customers and cross-selling/up-selling.
  • Realigning sales teams towards sales quality rather than quantity utilizing customer value scoring.

Optimizing Displays through In-Store Behavior Analytics
Rajeev Sharma, Founder & CEO, VideoMining
Richard Hirata, SVP Shopper Science, VideoMining

Secondary product displays serve as
important tactics for reaching shoppers in-
store. Yet, most decisions related to displays
are made today without proper understanding
of the true impact of displays on shoppers –
leading to significant inefficiencies at retail.

New technologies for in-store behavior
analytics now enable precise measurement
of display effectiveness, e.g. exposure, engagement and conversion – by product types, store location, shopper demographics and trip types. We discuss the big data and analytics framework for optimizing displays and present several case studies of how retailers and manufacturers have used this framework for improving display performance.

How Accurate Data Informs Decision
And Delivers eCommerce Results
Nathan Rigby, Head of Sales & Marketing, One Click Retail
Jeff Brown, Director of Client Services, One Click Retail

As global eCommerce sales are set to reach
almost $4 trillion USD by 2019, leveraging
accurate data is more critical than ever to any
brand manufacturer's success. How is Big Data
transforming insights and actions from Amazon
to Instacart? How do brand manufacturers
validate accurate competitive intelligence,
identify critical ecommerce trends in Promotions and Search, and improve operational efficiencies?

Nathan Rigby and Jeff Brown explore how brand manufacturers harness the power of big data to understand what they're selling, where they're selling, and who they’re competing with across the entire ecommerce landscape. Better data leads to better insights, which leads to better results.

Learning Objectives for this session include:
  • What are the most important actions you can take each week to drive amazon sales?
  • What drives search on eCommerce?
  • What promotions work best?

Identifying the Right Targets: Data-Driven Strategies for  Understanding and Engaging Your Shoppers
Tim Clark, Director, Inmar Center for Brand Excellence
Charlie Gage, Senior Shopper Strategist, Inmar

A brand's targeted consumer may not always
be their "true" in-category shopper and
making this miscalculation can slow growth
or reduce share.  This session identifies the
in-depth data marketers need to understand
about their shoppers in order to build data
driven retail plans, drive category growth and
optimize promotional plans to ultimately
reach their “true” customer.
John Karolefski,
CPGmatters & Shopper Technology Institute
Stephen Avola,
ProLogic Retail Services
Bill Lipsky,
Spring Virtual Conference
Wednesday, May 10, 2017
10:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. ET
Andres Jejen,
AFS Technologies
James Lamberti,
Danny Silverman,
Clavis Insight
Lena Loo,
Justin Belgiano,
Keith Anderson,
Rajeev Sharma,
Vik Mehta,
eMoksha Consulting
Richard Hirata,
Nathan RIgby,
One Click Retail
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