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Fall 2015 LEAD Marketing Conference Presentations
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John Karolefski, Editor-in-Chief, CPGmatters and
Executive Director, Shopper Technology Institute

Plan for Growth: Digital Imperatives for 2016
Keith Anderson, VP, Strategy & Insight, Profitero

With ecommerce projected to account for as much as 50% of total CPG growth over the next five years and digital influencing 64% of all retail sales, retailers and brands need new strategies and capabilities to capture their fair share. Learn where leaders are investing now to position for growth next year and beyond.

Sales Planning Challenge: Can it Be Done in Two Months?
Joel Cartwright, Director of TPM Product Development,
AFS Technologies

It's sales planning time! Are you ready to get started? Do you have the right resources? How's your data? Before you migrate your sales planning from spreadsheets or another trade promotion management (TPM) application,
learn the best practices and hear case studies that will help you see benefits in two months.

11:40 a.m. ET
The Store Digital Twin: A Seamless Retail Experience
Francois Robin, BI Consultant, Atos SE
Guillaume Portier, VP of Marketing, Store Electronic Systems
Brian Carboni, Global Industry Marketing Leader, CPG-Retail, Dassault Systemes

Having a productive shelf has never been more critical at retail. So why is the 'set it and forget it' category planning cycle so prevalent? New technology provides a powerful tool to transform the retail experience and drive a whole new level of productivity at the shelf.

Learn how digital innovation can create a 'Store Digital Twin' to provide a seamless way to connect the store with real-time data to monitor compliance, react to shifts in consumption, and drive faster decision-making.

12:30 p.m. ET
Revolutionizing Trade Management with
Customer Business Planning
Mark Osborn, Global Lead, Consumer Products Industry Marketing, Consumer Products, SAP
Colby Sheridan, Global Director, Trade Management Solutions, Consumer Products, SAP

Learn how new solutions for price, volume and margin management are revolutionizing Trade Management processes and empowering sales leaders to act as a general managers.

By enabling planning and execution for all volume, with complete real-time visibility to current and historical demand, consumer products companies can now balance and optimize the right mix of promotional and non-promotional activities while incorporating sales planning and execution directly and automatically into other enterprise integrated business planning processes to maximize revenue, volume and profitability for both themselves and their retailer and channel partners.

1:20 p.m. ET
Leveraging Data to Drive Growth and Shopper Engagement
Pat Iasillo, Director of Customer Relationship Marketing,
Remke Markets
Guy Keller, SVP Sales & Marketing, ProLogic Retail Services

Director of CRM at Remke Markets, Pat Iasillo, will share how Remke uses its loyalty platform to capture and analyze shopper purchase data to drive sales growth and increase shopper engagement. Pat will offer examples of how Remke utilizes its loyalty data to gain valuable insights into the buying habits of its shoppers.

Remke is able to identify specific categories of shoppers, including top shoppers, new shoppers, lapsed shoppers and category-specific shoppers. Pat will discuss how he leverages the data to build personalized targeted offers for individual shoppers based on their past purchase behavior and how those promotions drive sales growth by providing relevant offers to shoppers based on their individual needs.

2:10 p.m. ET
The Trick to Successfully Managing Trade Spend with Walmart
John Sheridan, National Account Mgr., Lotus Bakeries North America
Doug Luken, National Account Manager, Lotus Bakeries North America
Rick Pensa, CEO, CPGToolBox

Most CPG manufacturers strive to gain shelf placement at Walmart. However, managing trade promotions with the retail giant known for focusing on Every Day Low Cost to drive Every Day Low Price requires a unique approach.

Discover the tricks long-time Walmart supplier Lotus Bakeries has utilized to successfully manage trade dollars with the country’s leading retailer. This session will also outline industry best practices and new technology tools that CPG manufacturers can utilize to plan more profitable activities with Walmart, plan around TIFs within the trade model, and show how deductions impact manufacturers selling to Walmart.

3:00 p.m. ET
Leveraging the Power of Virtual Research to Create Shopper Decision Trees
Liz Cox and Brendan Light, Group Vice Presidents, Shopper & Retail Insights, InContext Solutions

Traditionally, shopper decision trees are created either from historical purchase data or attitudinal surveys. But what if there was a solution that enabled you to create shopper decision trees before implementing any changes in-store, or that is based on region, or for products without UPC codes? What if you could do it faster, and more cost-effectively? Virtual reality lets you do all that—and more.

InContext insights and research gurus Liz Cox and Brendan Light will explain the game-changing way our virtual shopping can help not only create and execute decision trees, but also understand the attitudinal “whys” behind them.

John Karolefski,
CPGmatters & Shopper Technology Institute
Joel Cartwright,
AFS Technologies
Francois Robin,
Atos SE
Keith Anderson,

Brian Carboni,
Dassault Systemes
Guillaume Portier,
Store Electronic Systems
Mark Osborn,

Colby Sheridan,
Remke Markets
Doug Luken,
Lotus Bakeries North America
Guy Keller,
ProLogic Retail Services
John Sheridan,
Lotus Bakeries North America
Rick Pensa,
Liz Cox,
InContext Solutions
Brendan Light,
InContext Solutions
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