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Spring 2017 LEAD Marketing Conference

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John Karolefski, Editor-in-Chief, CPGmatters and
Executive Director, Shopper Technology Institute

Artificial Intelligence: Help or Hype?
Deb Stambaugh, VP Solution Management, r4

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to help you know exactly who your customers are, what they want to buy, when, where, and how.

If you are leading sales, merchandising, new product innovations, or operations, this probably sounds a bit like a fairy tale. Unfortunately, with the hype around AI, which too often ends up as a "multi-million dollar trail of tears science experiment," it sometimes is.

Join us for a can't miss conversation, rich with stories from industry leaders, about what the very real AI business opportunities are and why they wouldn't accept less than measurable, extremely fast, yet scalable business impact. Click on the screen at right to view the presentation.

The Approach to Promotions that Brands SHOULD Be Taking:
A Bold Stance from a "Coupon" Company
Chris Frericks, Client Director, Quotient

Technology has created many new couponing options, and most brands are adding these tools incrementally vs. taking a results-oriented approach to setting their promotion strategy. What's holding brands back? Brands recognize the volume spike they see with traditional newspaper coupons, but most share payout concerns.

This presentation explores how brands could be extracting benefits from new coupon vehicles to move more volume while reducing overall coupon investment. Click on the screen at right to view the presentation.

The Importance of Forecast Accuracy Metrics
Joel Cartwright, Director of Product Management, AFS Technologies

This presentation addresses the importance of analyzing the accuracy of TPM forecasting, and the downstream impacts and opportunities within a manufacturer's supply chain.

In addition, the presentation speaks to the impact of forecast accuracy, and its impact to the general ledger. Finally, it addresses what is an acceptable forecast accuracy metric, as recognized from within the industry. Click on the screen at right to view the presentation.

Putting the Shopper into Shopper Marketing
Via In-Store Behavior Analytics
Rajeev Sharma, Founder and CEO, VideoMining
Jeff Hershey, EVP Strategy & Development, VideoMining

With the explosion of new and innovative marketing vehicles, there is no shortage of options for building a shopper marketing mix. Weeding through the clutter and choosing the right approaches can be arduous – particularly with incomplete information about the very shoppers you’re targeting.

Reliance on traditional consumer and sales data sources for Shopper Marketing decisions results in a massive data gap and missed opportunities to meet shopper needs. Learn how new, technology-enabled methodologies fill this gap by providing unprecedented access to the actual in-store shopping process.

Measuring and quantifying the behaviors of real shoppers in real stores empowers marketers to make more informed decisions and tailor their strategies to specific shopper groups leading to improved ROI from Shopper Marketing spending. Click on the screen at right to view the presentation.

Dominating eCommerce Search
Keith Anderson, SVP, Strategy & Insights, Profitero

Search is a driver of the now-famous “flywheel effect” at Amazon and other online retailers: products that place well in search results tend to sell more, and products that sell more tend to place better in search results.

Profitero's SVP Strategy and Insights Keith Anderson discusses how findability is fundamental to eCommerce success, and provides guidance on:

  • Prioritizing the most relevant, frequently searched product keywords
  • Optimizing your products for retailer search rankings
  • Understanding the key drivers influencing Amazon’s organic search rankings
  • Leveraging paid search on Amazon.

Click on the screen at right to view the presentation.

Are Personalized Offers the Remedy for Ineffective Trade Promotions?
Graeme McVie, Vice President, Business Development, Precima

Trade promotions have been a mainstay of the CPG and retail landscape for a number of years but satisfaction has been decreasing. Manufacturers and retailers have been increasingly concerned about the effectiveness of trade promotions at the same time as trade spend budgets have been creeping up.  Shoppers, especially younger shoppers, are showing a greater appetite for personalized offers that are delivered digitally. So are personalized offers the remedy for ineffective trade promotions? Click on the screen at right to view the presentation.

Enterprise Shopper Marketing Solutions
Jordan Kling, Director of Client Servies & Strategy,
substituting for Rob Craig, CEO, 3 Tier Logic

Through the use of case studies, Jordan discusses how brands can create truly omni-channel shopper marketing programs to drive increased sales and purchase frequency.

Using live data and actual program results, Jordan shows how these brands have been able to achieve clear and concise ROI by integrating multiple consumer channels into a powerful omni-channel experience for shoppers. Case studies and live data demonstrate the value of integrating mobile, promotions, rewards, gamification, automated email/SMS messaging, and data acquisition to drive sales, purchase frequency, and brand loyalty. Click on the screen at right to view the presentation.

John Karolefski,
CPGmatters & Shopper Technology Institute
Deb Stambaugh,
Chris Frericks,
Fall Virtual Conference
Thursday, November 2, 2017
10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. ET
Joel Cartwright,
AFS Technologies
Rajeev Sharma,
Graeme McVie,
Keith Anderson,
Jeff Hershey,
Video Mining
Rob Craig,
3 Tier Logic