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The Fall 2014 LEAD Marketing Conference
Speakers & Presentations

John Karolefski, Editor-in-Chief, CPGmatters and
Executive Director, Shopper Technology Institute

10:00 a.m. ET
Collaborating to Create "The Voice of the Shopper"
Gordon Wade, Senior Vice President, Category Management Best Practices, Category Management Association

The manufacturer and the retailer have disparate visions of the shopper. Both could market more effectively by creating a comprehensive complementary “Voice of the Shopper.” Unfortunately, neither party has a process or a taxonomy to create one -- but the CMA (Category Management Association) does. Their learnings and methods will be shared during this insightful session.

11:00 a.m. ET
Winning at the Virtual Shelf:
Why & How to Maximize Online Impact
Keith Anderson, Vice President, Strategy & Insights, Profitero

Online is the fastest-growing channel of retail distribution, but it's also increasingly influential over offline sales. How can brand managers, eCommerce directors, and shopper marketers adapt their strategies and tactics to maximize the impact of their brands' online presence? With fresh data on leading retailers including Amazon,,, Instacart and others, Profitero's VP, Strategy & Insights Keith Anderson will share guidance on how to manage online pricing, promotion, ratings & reviews, and much more.

12:00 noon ET
Where Does the Power of Technology Reside?
Larry Burns, President & CEO, Start Sampling

The real power of technology today does not reside with mobile or omni-channel or Big Data. It’s all about PEOPLE. So what should marketers do about that?

This discussion will be drawn from the marketing science and mavens of today, and the promise of tomorrow.  When we can shift our thinking in some simple ways, we will become better at meeting customer expectations in today’s newest reality.

1:00 p.m. ET
Maximizing Trade Spend ROI & Planning
For Joint Business Planning
Janet Dorenkott, Vice President, and Kristy Garrey, Senior Analyst, Relational Solutions, Inc.

JBP (Joint Business Planning) between retailers and CPG Manufacturers requires a high level commitment from all parties. By providing more value to your retailers, you will earn greater status. This session will explain how to accomplish that. Positioning for JBP sessions requires manufacturers to show retailers what’s profitable for them as well as for their own internal organization so they can determine a short and long term plan for mutual success.

Increased raw materials and shipping costs have forced companies to make cuts in manufacturing costs as well as resources. The next biggest area of spend is Trade Marketing. Understanding what promotions are working for both the retailer as well as for CPG has become more critical than ever. Learn how streamlining trade marketing will produce fast value for both manufacturers and retailers, and can help spearhead JBP.

2:00 p.m. ET
Creating Collaboration under the Big Top
Joel Cartwright, Solution Engineer, AFS Technologies

When it comes to managing trade promotion management (TPM), it can be like a three-ring circus. Marketing juggles the trade promotion strategy and manages categories. Sales walks the tightrope with retailers to execute the promotions at the store level. Finance works its magic on data figures such
as volume, revenue, days sales outstanding and expenses to report on profitability. But who is the ringmaster?

Gain insight into how integrated goals and predictive analytics drives deeper levels of collaboration. This session will explain the perspectives of each department involved in TPM, and show how an automated TPM solution can help define an integrated process with greater visibility into key info.

3:00 p.m. ET
Is Mobile Marketing Working for CPG Companies?
Tanya Bhothinard, Senior Director - Client Service,
Partners in Loyalty Marketing

The results of a national survey of CPG manufacturers by consultancy Partners in Loyalty Marketing (PILM) and the Shopper Technology Institute (STI) provide a report card on mobile marketing. PILM executives will list the benefits and challenges that companies face when deploying mobile marketing strategies and tactics.

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CPGmatters & Shopper Technology Institute
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Start Sampling
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Relational Solutions

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AFS Technologies

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