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The 2012 LEAD Marketing Conference
Speakers & Presentations

7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.   ShopperTech CONNECT Vendor Meetings
1:00 p.m..- 3:30 p.m.   PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS

Sponsored by Acosta's AMG Strategic Advisors:
The Trend Behind the Spend
A lively, interactive discussion led by Carrie Shea, President of Acosta's
AMG Strategic Advisors and co-author of one of the industry's most robust reports, The Trend Behind the Spend. Insights into today's retail environment and emerging trends in CPG and retailer marketing; actionable steps for maximizing marketing budgets, gaining a competitive advantage and leveraging trends; analysis of more than $5 billion in trade promotion and shopper marketing spending across more than 200 CPG companies; and representat-ion across 100 store categories at 55 retailers. A panel discussion will follow including Erik Branstad of Blue Ridge Partners, Mark Battaglia of Thinkvine, Cindy Goulden of TradeInsight, John Gibson of Scanner Application, and John Kittle of Popcorn, Indiana.

Sponsored by NGA: The Retail Arms Race
Facilitated by Gary Hawkins, President of Hawkins Strategic and CART (Center for Advancing Retail Technology), this workshop is designed for independent and mid-market retailers. It will examine key industry trends that are having enormous impact on the viability of this important segment of the industry and thoughts around how to succeed going forward. We will then focus on what independent and mid-market retailers can do to create and protect their niche to remain viable as the retail battles escalate further. Topics will include marketing, branding, developing a unique market position, impact and use of social networking, and food awareness - important increasing numbers of shoppers want or require special diets.

4:00 - 6:30 p.m.MAIN CONFERENCE

Understanding and Activating Shoppers in the 21st Century
Willis Duran, Director of Audience Targeting Sales, AOL
JP Beauchamp, Principal, New Media Solutions Group of Symphony IRI
Economic volatility, an explosion in new product introductions, and technological advancements are among the factors that have contributed to the power shift away from brands and retailers in favor of shoppers. Shoppers now know more about products; their attributes, price and availability than ever before. As consumers, they are becoming brand advocates or defectors and are letting the world know. Join JP Beauchamp and senior CPG and retailer executives to learn about the latest insights into shopper behavior based on their economic outlook and digital usage and attitudes. Discover how the different segments perceive their situations and evolve their behaviors and see how brands are leveraging segmentations to identify their ideal shopper segments and find and target those shoppers at the household level.

The Great Mobile Convergence: Content, Loyalty, Analytics, Marketing, Payments, Social
Steve Methvin, VP Retail Technology & E-Commerce, Bozzuto's
Ben Sprecher, Founder & VP of Marketing, Incentive Targeting
The mobile phone is replacing the wallet. Fueled by the unprecedented power and portability of today's smartphones, we are seeing a rapid evolution and convergence of a number of key capabilities (represented by the acronym "CLAMPS") that will define the wallet of tomorrow. This talk will provide a framework for understanding the many emerging technology components that will shape the mobile shopping and payment experience of the future, along with examples of real-world programs and best practices today.

Turning Customer Information into Customer Intimacy
Bryan Pearson, President & CEO, Loyalty One
Bryan Pearson, author of NY Times best-seller The Loyalty Leap: Turning Customer Information Into Customer Intimacy, will provide a sneak peak into the most effective use of data to create emotional loyalty and customer engagement. Drawing on 20 years of firsthand experience and research, Bryan will share his secrets to building customer intimacy in an information age while also navigating the minefields of privacy. All attendees at this session will receive a complimentary copy of Bryan's book, and will have the opportunity to have him personally autograph it at the opening night Cocktail Reception.


8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.MAIN CONFERENCE

The Business Side of Social Media
Michael Sansolo, Director, Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council
Marketing today requires a robust strategy utilizing social media. Finding success requires a sound of understanding of this new world, the reasons so many are engaged, and a recognition that marketing in the social web requires different skills and strategies than traditional media. This presentation is based on retailer-led research conducted by the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council.

The In-Store Battleground
Gary Hawkins, President, Hawkins Strategic and CART
With research showing that up to 76% of purchase decisions are made in the store, the importance of understanding - and influencing - shopper behavior in the store environment has never been greater. New technologies are providing powerful insights to true shopping behavior and are capable of providing realtime information about store activity. In-store marketing is rapidly becoming a science and will give rise to a new retail discipline as these new tools are linked to new abilities to connect with the shopper in-store.

Digital Marketing Status Report: What the Retailing Industry Has Learned So Far
MODERATOR: Al McClain, CEO & Founder, RetailWire
Edward Chenard, Strategy Manager for Digital Experiences, Best Buy Larry Burns, President, Start Sampling
David Slavick, VP Retail Consulting & Business Development, Customer Communications Group
Digital marketing options continue to proliferate at a dizzying pace. And yet
at this stage in the game, many already have lots of experience with online, mobile and social. In a sense, it’s time for 2.0. We’ll hear from a diverse panel of retailers and other experts to find out what’s worked well for their companies, what hasn’t, and what new developments have piqued their interest for the future.

The Future of Category Analytics
Patti Althoff, Director of Category Leadership, Hillshire Brands
Paul Price, Executive Vice President, Acosta Sales & Marketing
Category management has been primarily focused on supply efficiency; loyalty programs were introduced to try to better connect with the shopper, but in most cases there is no coordination of efforts. Retailers and manufacturers that will win in the future will be focused on the shopper and how categories and brands fit into the shopper’s path to purchase. Information like macro trends, shopping decision process, and the selection/de-selection process have to be integrated with traditional category management to be effective; we will discuss a four step process that brings Shopper, Loyalty, and traditional category management into a combined process.

Maximizing the Return on Your Digital Investment
Judy Bahary, Senior Vice President, CPG Marketing, comScore
John LaRocca, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, dunnhumby USA
Ryan Krenn, Senior Manager, Accenture Interactive
CPG manufacturers have invested millions of dollars in their brand websites and social media presence, yet they struggle to show how their digital marketing investments are influencing brand purchases in stores. Hear directly from Accenture, comScore and dunnhumbyUSA on their groundbreaking study to better understand the link between consumers’ usage of brand websites and their brand purchases in retail stores. Learn how brand websites can become key drivers in building customer loyalty by creating unique online experiences that attract and influence the behavior of the most valuable segments of a brand’s franchise, and understand which features on a brand’s website are the most valuable and opportunities to best reach brand buyers and prospects.

3:35 - 5:45 p.m.TRACK SESSIONS

TRACK A: LOYALTY & ENGAGEMENT (Chaired by Gladson)

The Engaging Mom: Smartphones Lead to Smart Buys
Joel Warady, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Enjoy Life Foods
How a category leader in the Gluten-Free, Allergy Friendly food space is using customer engagement though mobile technology to build awareness, loyalty and repeat purchases, and is partnering with the retailers on these initiatives.

Interactive Technology: Chaos or Opportunity?
Steve Methvin, VP, Retail Technology & E-Commerce, Bozzuto's
Frank Beurskens, President, ShopToCook
Interactive technologies can build brand equity and incentivize consumers to purchase, whether at home, mobile, or in store. As the line blurs between what constitutes brand, trade, and shopper marketing, brands and retailers might reconsider how advertising and promotional dollars are allocated. This session provides a first-hand perspective from both a technology supplier and a group of retailers utilizing digital tools to increase the effectiveness of promotions, generate customer insights, and  expand the market basket. Attendees will leave this session with valuable takeaways reflecting best practices including usage data, and ROI parameters.

The Future of Retail: What Can the Convenience Channel Learn from Understanding Drivers of Loyalty and Brand Equity Across Multiple Channels?
Candace Adams, President, Global Retail Strategy, SmartRevenue
Suzy Silliman, Managing Director, Management Science Associates
The retail landscape is more challenging than ever and is filled with seemingly an abundance of channels, banners, and SKUs. Channel blurring and loss of differentiation across channels are common outcomes. In this session the presenters will discuss the drivers of loyalty along the path to purchase; whether loyalty is different for C-Stores vs. Food, Drug, Mass, and Dollar; whether there are classes of trade (e.g., FDM) that are encroaching on convenience stores; the relative ranking of C-Store banners on brand equity; the role of brands in helping drive loyalty and brand equity in C-Stores

TRACK B: DIGITAL PROMOTIONS (Chaired by the Strata Company)

The Digital Coupon Shopper: Exposed
Neal Heffernan, SVP/GM, Behavioral Research, GfK
Coupons continue to see an increase in popularity.  In particular, digital coupon usage continues to grow rapidly.  To gain a better understanding of WHOM the digital coupon shopper really is and HOW their behavior is different from all shoppers, GfK, in partnership with, tapped into their National Shopper Lab, which is home to 23 million frequent shopper households, to answer these important coupon questions.  This session will shed new light on the digital coupon shopper, including: who these shoppers are, what do they look like; their shopping behaviors such as trip frequency and basket size; the all-important stock up trips and how they compare to everyone else; the importance of coupon usage when shopping; which categories are in highest demand.

Using Digital Coupons to Monetize Earned, Owned, & Paid Media
Silvia Sartori, Digital Marketing Manager, Barilla America
Tim Kane, CEO, Coupon Factory
Digital Coupon technology is rapidly changing. New technology allows Brands and Retailers to deploy secure digital coupons on almost any digital property.  Yet many are still missing out on the opportunity to connect one-to-one with their consumers and fully monetize their paid, earned and owned media. Barilla America and CouponFactory will share a case study on how to drive results (gain customers, capture valuable data and deliver sales) by integrating coupons and offers into all of your digital properties seamlessly and efficiently.

National Survey of Digital Couponing: Key Learnings
Michael Schiff, Managing Partner, Partners in Loyalty Marketing
Digital coupons are transforming the coupon marketplace, as consumers now access coupons on websites, loyalty cards, and mobile devices. This presentation examines the success of digital couponing from a manufacturer’s perspective, and addresses the tactics currently being used, their success, obstacles to success, and the potential for future growth.


Taking Trade Spending Management to the Next Level
John Kittle, Director of Business Planning and Insight, Popcorn, Indiana
Cindy Goulden, VP of Product Management, TradeInsight
Insights on the benefits of utilizing a TPM solution to improve coordination between sales and production as well as to understand which promotions are truly effective. The presentation will also include examples of how Trade Promotion Management can increase efficiencies and uncover invalid deductions and post-audit claims. To give a manufacturers’ perspective, John Kittle will offer his personal experience and nearly three decades of industry insight as to why/how a trade tool is critical in taking business to the next level, specifically at the Popcorn, Indiana company.

Big Data and Retail Marketing in a Digital World
Chris Lobdell, Director of Sales, DataXu
No one will dispute the fact that Big Data is transforming retail and CPG. Beyond the excitement of new opportunities to engage consumers is the challenge to find creative ways to harness the data deluge. DataXu’s Chris Lobdell will put Big Data in perspective for retail and CPG marketers, discussing the big trends and top data-driven use cases, and provide a map to help you navigate this new digital world.

What's the Cost of Mis/Mal Coupon Redemptions and Can We Reduce the Waste?
MODERATOR: James Tenser, Executive Director, VSN Strategies
PANEL: CPG Manufacturers
The expanded GS1 coupon will permit POS validation of expiration date, SKU level data and any number of unique identifiers permitting fully electronic validation at the POS. Hear what a panel of CPGs thinks are the next steps as they discuss the issues relating to coupon redemption, validation and controlling fraud.


8:00 a.m. - 12:00 noonMAIN CONFERENCE

The New Metrics of Shopper Marketing: Understanding the Impact on In-Store Decisions
Kyle Reynolds, former Director of Category Development, Sara Lee
Tom Sullivan, President, VideoMining
Although often talked about, the shopper’s path-to-purchase and moment-of-truth have been difficult, at best, to measure. Now, thanks to breakthrough video technology and advanced analytics, leading grocery retailers and their trading partners have access to new metrics of shopper marketing which measure these elusive shopper behaviors and provide game-changing insights. In this session you’ll learn how new metrics like “share of shopper," “shopper leakage," and “return on traffic” deliver insights that are being used to drive decisions in category management, merchandising, display optimization, store layout, and store design.

Turbo-Charge Your Business with Shopper-Centric Marketing, Merchandising and Operations
Graeme McVie, VIce President & General Manager, Precima
Many companies realize that becoming shopper-centric is no longer optional.  But it’s one thing to want to become more shopper-centric and it’s another to become truly shopper-centric.  A lot of shopper-centric initiatives focus primarily on the marketing department but a true shopper-centric company will infuse multiple parts of their organization with the essence of the shopper. In this thought-provoking presentation, Graeme McVie will share what every organization should know in order to move further and faster down the path to shopper-centricity.

Shoppers in Charge: Delivering Product Information for Stores and Apps
Timothy Fives, Director, Partnership & Strategy, 1SYNC (subsidiary of GS1 US)
Steve Cole, Chief Marketing Officer, Gladson
Shoppers are using an ever-increasing range of tools to research and select products before they leave home. Brand owners are being challenged to provide consistent and accurate information about their products to the shopper whether she is reading a newspaper, using a manufacturer’s web site, a third-party mobile app or looking for the product on the shelf. In response to this need, the industry, through GS1 US, is creating and adopting standards to exchange detailed product information. In this session, we will discuss the role of these emerging standards and describe how brand owners are supporting this growing shopper need.

Virtual Shopping Mythbusters
Richard Rizzo, Vice President, Consumer Insights, Vision Critical
Join virtual shopping pioneer Vision Critical as we unveil the results of recently-updated, comprehensive ‘research on research’ that explores a wide array of virtual shopping technologies and methods, and how virtual technology can be best-utilized to address market research objectives. Topics will include comparing 3D vs. 2D technology, the effects of package changes on shopper behavior, monadic vs. sequential monadic research designs, and more in this review of industry best practices.

Chiquita’s "FanFun" Mobile Relationship Management Success
Cassidy Hamilton, Marketing Brand Specialist, Chiquita Brands
Adam Lavine, CEO, FunMobility
Chiquita's latest Mobile Relationship Management campaign, an app called Chiquita FanFun, increased brand awareness and retail foot traffic through engaging activities such as a store finder, check-in sweepstakes, Banana trivia, and mini-games. Building an app enabled Chiquita to build an ongoing relationship with their consumers and reinforce their value to their retail partners, and this presentation will share some of the eye-opening results.

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