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Fall 2017 Virtual LEAD Marketing Conference

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John Karolefski, Editor-in-Chief, CPGmatters and
Executive Director, Shopper Technology Institute

How CPG Brands Are Budgeting and Organizing
Around E-Commerce 
Keith Anderson, SVP Strategy & Insights, Profitero

Profitero's SVP Strategy and Insights Keith Anderson reveals the findings of their annual survey into how CPG companies are budgeting and organizing for the online channel.

Be among the first to see these results and get an exclusive peek into what your peers and competitors are doing to win online.

View this session to find out:
  • Which eCommerce KPIs are considered most critical by 200 of your peers – and how these have changed year over year;
  • Their top organizational priorities and eCommerce challenges;
  • How the most successful eCommerce heads are budgeting and organizing around Amazon.

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Multi-Dimensional Use of Data and Analytics in CPG Marketing
John Gardner, President, Luckie

Data and analytics has become a marketer’s most powerful tool. Without knowing how to leverage your consumer data, your recommendations are just guesses.

Take a peek behind the curtain with Luckie at how data and analytics can be leveraged to drive demand in the CPG marketplace and learn how to turn your insights into revenue. Click on the screen at right to view the presentation.

When It’s Time to Evolve to Optimization Planning 
Joel Cartwright, Director of Product Management, and
Shelley Fow, Solution Engineer, AFS Technologies

This presentation describes the details when a CPG manufacturer needs to evolve into using Trade Promotion Optimization: the factors which were the catalysts to move to optimization planning, and the components which drove the decision to allocate spending to acquire the capability. It will describe how it will work in conjunction with the TPM Tool, what the optimization capability will solve, and the coinciding “leap of faith” that it assumes for the manufacturer. Click on the screen at right to view the presentation.

Gaining Share in the Disruptive E-Commerce Environment
Gordon Wade, Founder & CEO, Combined Consultants

Virtually all CPG companies, manufacturers and retailers are struggling to grow. Margins are under severe pressure. Now e-commerce is further disrupting the marketplace and, in some categories, has over 20% of the volume.

To grow in this environment, companies must take share from competitors and must learn faster than ever before. Every company needs a new learning plan to drive a new strategy; that’s what we will be discussing in our LEAD session. Click on the screen at right to view the presentation.

Why Your Brand Needs VR Now:
Save Weeks and Dollars by Developing
Your Next In-Store Concept in Virtual
Anil Taneja, VP of Client Development, InContext Solutions

It's clear now that the way we shop has shifted. As the lines between in-store and online retail channels blur, today’s retailers and brands should be focusing on innovation, and bringing shopper experience front and center.

Virtual reality solutions for retail are solving those major pain points for many of today’s savvy retailers and manufacturers. Join InContext Solutions VP of Client Development, Anil Taneja, as he details how InContext’s enterprise VR platform, ShopperMX™, allows users to ideate, evaluate and activate new in-store concepts; bringing them to market in a fraction of the time and for the fraction of the investment. Click on the screen at right to view the presentation.

Competing in an Omnichannel World
With In-Store Behavior Analytics
Rajeev Sharma, Founder and CEO, VideoMining

The increasing focus on Omnichannel Retailing creates unique and pressing challenges for retailers and manufacturers alike. Adapting strategies and tactics is a must, and winning in this new environment requires access to fresh and untapped data sources.

The answer lies in-store—specifically, in filling the in-store information gap that exists in brick and mortar retail. New sensing technologies and analytics capabilities are bringing online-like visibility to physical retail enabling the optimization of all aspects of the shopper experience.

Learn how VideoMining’s ShopperImpact platform provides retailers and CPGs with feedback on what works and what doesn’t, and see how learnings are applied to address real-world challenges. Click on the screen at right to view the presentation.

Personalizing the Grocery Shopping Experience with AI
Merrick Rosner, VP Enterprise Sales, AppCard

With increasing competition from both pure play and non-traditional retail giants, independent grocers and regional chains need to constantly evolve to increase shopper retention and grow the bottom line. The key to retention and growth is personalization: delivering the right offer, to the right shopper, at the right time.

In this presentation, you will learn how AI and machine learning technology are giving independent grocers and regional chains the power to automate and personalize their marketing communications like the big guys. Click on the screen at right to view the presentation.

Beyond Crowdsourcing:
How Emerging CPG Brands Are Using Alternative Data Sources and Just-in-Time Execution to Drive Retail Sales
Jean-Eric Penicad, Chief Operating Officer, and
Katharina Haynes Bethea, Senior Director, Survey.com

All manufacturers and retailers can learn from the innovative brands that are transforming the food and beverage industry. They are rapidly changing the perceptions that consumers have about what they put in their body, what they’re willing to pay for it and to what extent they advocate for the brands they love. And now these same brands are utilizing the gig economy to bring transparency, verification and execution to the shelf like never before. See how brands are transforming their field teams and the impact on distribution, trade marketing execution, and consumer engagement at retail.

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John Karolefski,
CPGmatters & Shopper Technology Institute
Keith Anderson,
John Gardner,
Joel Cartwright,
AFS Technologies
Shelley Fow,
AFS Technologies
Anil Taneja,
InContext Solutions
Rajeev Sharma,
Gordon Wade,
Combined Consultants
Merrick Rosner,
Jean-Eric Pen,
Katharina Haynes Bethea ,
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